About Us

Regenerate Industries was established in 2009 by Karne de Boer and is built around the following vision, goals and values:


To facilitate human flourishing through the application of appropriate sustainable water and renewable energy technologies.


  • Deliver technical solutions that are sustainable, environmentally beneficial and economically viable
  • Partner with companies and individuals to develop innovative sustainable water and renewable energy technologies
  • Provide a workplace environment that encourages employees to deliver their best and develop their gifts and abilities.
  • Use profits to assist communities that lack appropriate water and energy infrastructure


  • Conduct business with honesty and integrity, that is, doing what we say, when we say
  • Work hard and efficiently to deliver maximum benefits to clients
  •  Assist individuals and other businesses to make a difference

The Regenerate Industries team is made up of:

Karne – Director

Throughout his youth Karne was fascinated by engines, machines and energy – especially renewable energy. It’s no surprise that in his final high school years Karne wanted to become a mechanic, however, ended up studying renewable energy engineering at Murdoch University. Karne went on to complete a bachelor of engineering with a double major in Renewable Energy and Instrumentation and Control Engineering at Murdoch University which led to a PhD in engineering focusing on biodiesel. The experience gained in his PhD and contacts in the industry provided Karne with the exciting opportunity to start Regenerate Industries and chase his dream of helping communities flourish with renewable energy and sustainable system design.

Shaun – Plumber

Shaun has extensive experience in plumbing, gas-fitting and industrial piping systems, having been in the work force since he was 14 years old. Shaun has a passion for doing a quality job, using resources efficiently and making sure the other trades on-site do their job well. Shaun manages the construction side of Regenerate Industries bringing Karne’s designs and plans into reality.

Ollie – Irrigation and Wastewater

Ollie has extensive experience in horticulture and irrigation and heads up irrigation design and installation.

Jayden – Carpentry and construction

Jayden is a qualified carpenter with over 10 years experience in the building industry. Jayden is a 3rd generation builder and it seems that sawdust flows in his veins. He has a way with wood and produces exquisite decks, unique furniture and has the ability to turn a dead space into a master-peice in short time

Pip – Business Administrator

Pip looks after the nuts and bolts of the business and makes sure that documentation is maintained and accounting systems upheld.

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