Industrial and Commercial Services

Regenerate Industries designs, builds and maintains  water supply, wastewater and energy systems for commercial and industrial operations. We focus our energies on examining the resources and waste streams from a facility and then identifying the most suitable technologies to use these resources to reduce utility costs for businesses and organisations. Our capabilities extend from concept development, through engineering design, construction, commissioning and long term maintenance.

Recent work

Algae cultivation System (2016)

Regenerate Industries was contracted by the Murdoch University Algae R+D center to design, construct and commission an indoor and outdoor algae cultivation system. Construction consisted of stainless steel fabrication, CO2 and PH control, pond installation and plumbing for salt water supply to ponds and drainage.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance (2015-2016)

South Australian company Factor UTB are a world leading Australian company that design and build innovative high performance wastewater plants. Regenerate Industries performs maintenance and operation duties on two wastewater treatment plants based in WA.

Recirculating Fish Farm Construction (2014-15)

Regenerate Industries worked with a Moora farmer to construct and commission the largest inland saline recirculating aquaculture facility. Regenerate Industries developed the energy supply systems and constructed the 30T/yr nursery and grow out facility in partnership with the farmer.

Wagin Integrated Food Fiber Processing Hub (2012)

During 2010-2012 Regenerate Industries worked with the Shire of Wagin to develop the innovative Wagin Food Fibre Processing Hub (WIFFPH) concept. This project uses the excess heat and green power from an oat husk fuelled bioenergy cogeneration facility to power a desalination plant and other industries. The purpose of the hub is to provide infrastructure to existing and proposed processors (aquaculture, seaweed cultivation and composting), the key infrastructure is:

  • Land
  • Green electricity
  • Green process heat (waste steam)
  • Fresh and salt water

A conceptual diagram of the hub infrastructure is shown below:


Regenerate Industries has performed the initial design of the processing hub and the cogeneration facility and desalination plant are currently under construction.

2.5 Million L/yr Biodiesel Plant in Tasmania (2010-2013)

In 2010, Regenerate Industries identified an opportunity to deploy an innovative biodiesel production technology in Cressy Tasmania. This technology converts poppy oil (a waste stream from the Poppy industry) into high quality biodiesel. Regenerate Industries designed, built and commissioned the facility during 2012 and 2013. The plant includes:

  • A solid catalyst esterification (pre-treatment) system
  • Full methanol recovery (distillation column)
  • Automatic control system
  • Innovative reactor

The project is unique in that it is a fully continuous biodiesel plant with all ancillary unit operations on a small scale. The plant is currently mothballed.

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