Domestic Servics


  • New Installations – Regenerate Industries uses client goals and water availability to design the most effective and reliable irrigation system using quality components.
  • Upgrades and Maintenance – Existing irrigation systems regularly require maintenance, Regenerate Industries in troubleshooting system issues and repairing sprinklers, controllers and pipework.



A typical West Australian household will waste 200-300L of water per day down the drain. This water is typically from showers and laundry systems and can effectively be re purposed for growing trees and underground watering of lawns . Regenerate Industries have experience designing cost effective and reliable grey water systems that provide a sustainable route to a productive and green garden. The photo below shows an south-eastern suburb home that is using greywater to produce in excess of 40 mangoes, 100kg of bananas and avocadoes in the fourth year of grey-water application since planting.



Regenerate Industries has the capability and manpower to transform a whole space into a functional and beautiful environment with services that compliment our water expertise including: earthworks, lawn supply and laying, garden bed consturction, retaining wall installation and fencing.

Timber Construction

  • Decking– The addition of a deck to an outdoor area provides a seamless flow from indoor to outdoor environments. Regenerate Industries has extensive experience in deck construction and recommends and uses of high quality jarrah, stainless steel fixings and treated pine framework
  •  Furniture and barriers from recycled wood – We use waste Jarrah and Karri from demolition sites around Perth to create unique furniture peices and space barriers

Vegetable Gardens and Aquaponics

The Regenerate Industries team have a passion for creating functional and productive systems for the growth of high quality vegetables, fruit, fish, eggs and other options available to the home farmer. We specialise in creating functional, beautiful and educational spaces for schools and community groups.

Biomass Heating

As most WA houses are designed for the hot summers, they are generally freezing in winter. Regenerate Industries works with national and international partners to offer the supply and installation of biomass based heating systems, for houses, schools, nursing homes, pools and other locations needing heat. Regenerate Industries offers fuel users the option of using recycled timber  fuel that would otherwise end up in landfill. Our experience has demonstrated that biomass based systems are competitive when the alternatives are LPG, traditional wood heaters and reverse cycle air conditioners.


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