Accreditation for GRAF ATU Installations

Regenerate Industries has recently been accredited for the installation and maintenance of the GRAF ATU systems which are supplied by Aquarius Wastewater. The ATU (Aerobic Treatement Unit’s) provide on-site treatment of wastewater for households and communities. We selected the GRAF model because it is cost effective, highly reliable (one air pump) and easy to maintain. The GRAF ATU is a mini Sequencing Batch Reactor and effectively replicates the industrial reactors we maintain on a daily basis. ATU’s are mandatory in locations close to waterways or sensitive areas where deep sewage is not available. From a sustainability perspective the ATU allows the water and nutrients from your household wastewater to be safely used to help your garden and lawn flourish. Contact us today for an installation quote and please see the GRAF ATU BrochureE-Pro

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